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Troubleshooting the build process in (x/l/k) ubuntu 18.10

Unfortunately as of today (Jan 29, 2019) in current Ubuntu cosmic cuttlefish the wxWidgets binary that ships with the distribution appears to be subtly broken.
As a result, on execution of academic signature(and some other software), strange error messages are emitted and during some operations the execution is progressively slowed down to the unusable.

First repair some broken dependencies in cosmic.
In a terminal type:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall overlay-scrollbar overlay-scrollbar-gtk2"
sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk-module"

The obvious solution for the broken wxWidgets is to download the wxWidgets source code, compile it and replace the broken package.

-> 1. Download the wxWidgets source code e.g. wxWidgets 3.0.4
-> 2. Unzip it into any directory
-> 3. Enter the directory of wxWidgets in a terminal and create a directory e.g. with name "built_gtk"
-> 4. Enter this directory in the terminal and type:
../configure" or optionally
../configure --disable-debug --enable-unicode --disable-shared --with-gtk"  instead
-> 5. type 
"make release"   (this will take a while)
-> 6. type 
"sudo make install"  and then "sudo ldconfig"   

Now you should have fixed cosmic cuttlefish and building and running academic signature (and some other wxWidgets dependent software) will work like a charm.  
Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Unfortunately, errors seem to pile up: The faulty g++ optimization -O2/-O3 as well as the inconvenience in the zesty build process

are still unfixed. So the errors obviously have come to stay with us.....