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Academic Signature

An open source program for elliptic curve cryptography 
using a wxWidgets GUI  ( ecc digital signatures, ecc encryption and timestamps)


Academic Signature is to be used as a "Swiss Army Knife" of strong cryptography - you trigger all operations manually, nothing is done without your consent. Intelligent lay people can install it, understand it and use it. Yet it offers the strongest cryptographic protection available today (up to 1024 bit ecc, symmetric ciphers up to 4096 bit block length and key length).
It is a self contained public key cryptography program, which minimizes dependency on NSA influenced products and standards. 

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    Manual (english)                            ->see some screenshots        
    -> see some video tutorials(engl)    -> video tutorials (in german language)   

    Critical questions commonly asked by experts                                                        

    Specifications: The "Academic Signature Standard"
    Paper on the concept NADA-Cap (zero adversary advantage), 
signature, timestamp.
    Paper(in german language) on using the tool in an academic environment
    Academic Signature in the search engines

    Using Academic Signature on a TAILS OS

    Transferring ciphers as e-mail attachment
    Mitigating a Windows 8 problem


Prof.Dr.M. Anders, Fachhochschule Wedel, Feldstra├če 143,  D-22880 Wedel , e-mail: Michael.Anders@academic-signature.org